The Untold Story Behind Logan Paul and Jake's Relationship

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Uploaded On 2017-12-16
The real story of social media stars Logan Paul and Jake Paul.
Relationships are hard. Especially those between siblings. We have seen the relationship between Logan and Jake Paul play out in their videos, but there is a lot that you don’t know about their bond. Here is the Untold Story Behind Logan and Jake Paul’s Relationship.

Jake used to spend his life trying to be like his brother. In an interview, Jake once said that he was always trying to imitate Logan. He even admitted that this was the case up until a few years ago. Though he may seem extremely confident, he has often struggled with staying true to himself and not trying to be like anyone else.

They are super competitive. They both reached Vine fame through a competition that they had running between the two of them. They were trying to prove who could make the best video when one video ended up actually going viral. So the competition turned out to be a good thing.

They are always arguing and making up. If you have been watching either of their videos, then you know each brother loves to make diss tracks about the other. It’s one of their favorite things to do. But they usually turn around and makeup within the week.

Whether it’s their life before fame, their opinions on each other, or their strained relationship, there is a lot you don’t know about these brothers. Stay tuned to The Untold Story Behind Logan and Jake Paul’s Relationship to find out what gift from their father changed their lives.

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