Where Will Le'Veon Bell Play Next Season? | NFL Week 10 Film Notebook

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Uploaded On 2018-11-15
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Simms & Lefkoe is the only NFL show you need to watch...each week, former NFL quarterback Chris Simms and Bleacher Report host Adam Lefkoe recap the action, break down the film, and preview the upcoming weekend's games.

What's up, homies! It's the Week 10 Film Notebook pod. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

2:50 Is Quenton Nelson already a Top 5 OL?
5:00 Aaron Donald vs. Quenton Nelson
10:50 Chiefs-Rams game moved back to LA
17:25 Is Eli a Hall of Fame QB?
19:20 Will Eli Manning play for the Giants next season?
21:20 Falcons-Browns Film Notebook
21:50 How has Freddie Kitchens changed the Browns offense?
27:05 Falcons offensive struggles
28:30 Cardinals-Chiefs Offense
29:30 Steve Wilks defense put pressure on Mahomes
33:20 Is there a weakness to the Chiefs offense?
37:55 Cowboys-Eagles Film Notebook
38:00 Is the Cowboys offense too ordinary?
39:55 How does an offensive line coach impact the run game?
47:40 Has Zeke lost a step this season?
49:30 Can the Eagles defense hold up for a playoff run?
51:05 Chargers-Raiders Film Notebook
52:00 Is Jon Gruden struggling to adapt to to the modern NFL?
54:40 Trusting the Chargers moving forward
56:15 Is the Chargers offense too aggressive?
58:35 Saints-Bengals Film Notebook
59:10 Saints beat up the Bengals slowly
1:01:00 Why Mahomes should win MVP over Brees
1:07:50 Landing spots for Le'Veon Bell in free agency
1:16:50 Big Phil joins the pod!
1:17:30 Phil went viral
1:21:25 How wold Phil handle the Eli Manning situation?
1:27:10 Phil’s pick for Chiefs-Rams
1:38:00 Stefon Diggs joins the pod
1:38:40 Why do people still hate on Kirk Cousins?
1:39:15 Does Kirk Cousins write his pre game speeches?
1:41:00 Why doesn’t Adam Thielen get the respect he deserves?
1:42:10 Diggs and Thielen vs. other top NFL WR duos
1:43:30 How does the Vikings mentality change going into the rest of the season?