KSI Training To Fight Logan Paul At Mayweather Gym!

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Uploaded On 2018-03-10
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KSI is training with Floyd Mayweather Sr. Floyd Mayweather and KSI know each other for a while (as Deji said). He is training at the Mayweather Gym for the boxing fight against Logan Paul. Logan Paul and KSI have agreed to fight each other. The fight will be happening in August and in UK. I think KSI will win. KSI called out Logan Paul in the post fight interview, after watching the interview, Logan Paul decided to fight KSI in a boxing match.

KSI has commented on the recent rumors about him fighting Logan Paul in his next boxing match and confirmed that a possible match-up is being discussed.

The boxing match between KSI and Joe Weller on February 3rd 2018 was one of the biggest events in the history of YouTube, drawing in millions of live viewers.It was so big, in fact, that it broke the record for the biggest amateur white collar boxing event in history. With over 25 million people watching the replay of the event, it is fair to say that it broke some serious barriers between the online entertainment industry and the mainstream.Now, though, people are more interested in finding out who KSI’s next opponent will be. Adam Saleh, Fousey Tube, and Jake Paul have all been discussed as possibilities but there is one particular name that keeps rising to the top: Logan Paul.The controversial character made international headlines in January after uploading a video to of himself discovering a suicide victim in Japan’s suicide forest.

Due to his massive following of 16 million subscribers and his splitting personality, Logan would surely be the biggest “money fight” for KSI and he recently uploaded a video of himself training at Floyd Mayweather’s gym.He then goes on to say that his opponent will definitely be confirmed by March 18th which is when his original poll on who he should fight is set to end.

Later in the video, KSI points out that taking the Logan Paul fight would be far from easy, as Logan Paul has fighting experience and all of the physical advantages in terms of height, reach, and weight.

KSI VS Logan Paul
August, 2018.

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