Ed Sheeran Reveals What He REALLY Thinks Of Taylor Swift's BF Joe Alwyn

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Uploaded On 2017-10-27
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Rule #1 when dating a new guy- your bestie must approve. So does Ed?

Ed Sheeran is the BFF we all wish we had. He can sing you lullabies to sleep and be your shoulder to cry on when you fight with your man. So it’s no surprise that when Ed went on the Captain London Breakfast Show- wich I’ve never heard or seen but sounds delicious- anyway, while he was being interviewed the host asked him straight up- what’s up with you and Taylor. Yall still close? What are your thoughts on her new musical comeback. And here’s what Ed had to say. QUOTE "Yeah we’re in touch, quite a fair bit. You know, and she’s been in London quite a bit as well." Duh! Her new man is British actor Joe Alwyn! Ed continued, saying QUOTE “He’s really nice. Really, really friendly, really good dude. Yeah I think the songs are great, I think the visuals, she’s really putting everything in to the visuals as well, the visuals are really impressive. I think people will like the album!"

Of course we’ll like the album! But I want more juice on her relationship! Luckily, Taylor dishes on her man in her latest single, "Gorgeous" which is part of her upcoming sixth studio album, Reputation, out November 10. Meanwhile, Ed is still going strong with his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn. In fact, you know how one of Ed’s arms is currently in a cast and the other is in a sling, how about his gf has been brushing his teeth for him. You guys… that’s love. Ed summed it up like this, QUOTE “She's a good woman." Hell yeah she is! What you guys ever brush your lover’s teeth for them? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for love? And what do YOU think of Tay and Joe’s relationship? Get to talking down here in the comments, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe. Hit me up on my socials @Miriamisa on Twitter, @Miriam_isa on IG. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your girl Miriam Isa. And in the name of love, go out and do something nice for someone today!

The real question is, did Taylor just shade Kanye? Click left for the answer revealed, and click right for all the details on Selena’s “Wolves” visual. This episode was presented by Lyft. It matters how you get there. Download and ride today.

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