Mosconi Cup 2017 - 1080p60 - Match 7 (Day 2) - [Oscar Dominguez vs Ralf Souquet]

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Uploaded On 2017-12-09
Mosconi Cup XXIV (2017) - USA vs Europe
Mosconi Cup 2017 Playlist:
Oscar Dominguez vs Ralf Souquet - Match 7 (Day 2)

Team USA:
Shane van Boening (South Dakota, Age: 34)
Skyler Woodward (Kentucky, Age: 24)
Oscar Dominguez (California, Age: 32)
Dennis Hatch (Michigan, Age: 46)
Billy Thorpe (Ohio, Age:21)
Captain: Johan Ruijsink (Holland, Age: 51)

Team Europe:
Ralf Souquet (Germany, Age: 49)
Nick van den Berg (Holland, Age: 37)
Joshua Filler (Germany, Age: 20)
David Alcaide (Spain, Age: 38)
Jayson Shaw (Scotland, Age:29)
Captain: Marcus Chamat (Sweden, Age 42)

This recording had some serious sound issues. I did my very best to get the most out of it.
After editing, sound should be in sync now, but some "hick ups" are still left...