Train Crosses Motorway With No Warning! - Explained

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Uploaded On 2018-04-16
This incredible footage shows, cars travelling along a 7 lane motorway in one direction when all of sudden a freight train pulls out in front of them with, no warning.

The bizarre footage clearly shows that the railway is impossible to see and is not apparently marked in any way with signs, never mind flashing warning lights or boom gates.

The remarkable images were shot in the city of Baku in Eastern Azerbaijan, the 7 lane motorway seems to be called Neftchilar Avenue. And the footage was most likely filmed from the Glass Tower across the road.

This video best explains what you are seeing in the video, and why the train crosses the motorway at that location with no warnings or boom gates.

Thanks for watching.

► Train Track Location = The City of Baku in Eastern Azerbaijan. The train crosses Port Baku Park then across Neftchilar Avenue Baku City.,49.8632437,214m/data=!3m1!1e3

► If you want to check out the area yourself, type "Port Baku Park" into Google Earth and it will zoom right into the area.

► If you click on google earth, use the back arrow clock button on the top taskbar and go to 9/21/2015 and 4/17/2016 on the slider bar you can actually see the trains going across the road.


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