If You Sing You Lose - Disney Channel Movies Challenge

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Uploaded On 2017-11-19
The best, most catchy Disney Channel Movies songs. Will you be able to NOT sing? Movies include High School Musical, Descendants, Camp Rock, Teen Beach Movie, Lemonade Mouth, Hannah Montana, Starstruck, Lizzie McGuire, Princess Protection Program and more!

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► If You Sing You Lose - DESCENDANTS:
► Finish the Lyrics - DESCENDANTS:

Movies & Songs:

Camp Rock – This Is Me
Descendants 2 – Chillin’ Like A Villain
High School Musical – Breaking Free
Lemonade Mouth – Determinate
Descendants 2 – It’s Goin’ Down
Hannah Montana: The Movie – The Climb
High School Musical 2 – What Time Is It
Teen Beach Movie – Like Me
High School Musical 2 – Gotta Go My Own Way
Descendants 2 – Space Between
High School Musical – We’re All In This Together
Camp Rock – Gotta Find You
Starstruck – Hero
The Lizzie McGuire Movie – What Dreams Are Made Of
Descendants 2 – What’s My Name
Camp Rock 2 – Introducing me
Teen Beach Movie – Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’
High School Musical 2 – You Are The Music In Me
Descendants – If Only
Hannah Montana: The Movie – Hoedown Throwdown
Princess Protection Program – One And The Same
Camp Rock 2 – Wouldn’t Change A Thing
Descendants – Rotten To The Core
High School Musical 2 – What I’ve Been Looking For
Teen Beach 2 – That’s How We Do
Lemonade Mouth – Breakthrough
Descendants – Be Our Guest
Camp Rock 2 – Can’t Back Down
High School Musical 3 – I Want It All
Descendants 2 – You And Me
High School Musical 3 – Can I Have This Dance
Descendants 2 – Ways To Be Wicked