How Khabib Nurmagomedov Made Conor Mcgregor Lose Out On $3.5 million; UFC Rankings Update

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Uploaded On 2018-01-04
Khabib cost Conor Mcgregor $3.5 million before capturing his second world title, check out why! The New UFC rankings are in as well check out where everyone stands after UFC 219!

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So following Khabib’s (hhaaa) fight Vs Edson Barboza Conor decided to jump on twitter 2 days ago and tweeted at khabibp diddy, puffy, or brother love as he want’s to be called nowadays. Anyway, back to MMA, Khabib responded with “shut up #tapmachine #chicken” Then followed up with a meme of khabib riding a bear chasing down conor. If you don’t know khabib was wrestling bears since he was a youngin which was encouraged by his dad Abdulmanap. 1 year ago Bloody Elbow reported on something very interesting that took place before the historic day at UFC 205 where conor Mcgregor became a two-division world champion. Allegedly, back in October of 2016 khabibs dad sat down and had a chat with Russias Match TV. In the interview he claimed that there were negotiations between Conor and Eddie Alvarez regarding their pay. He said “By sending a contract to Khabib, the UFC haD reduced the overall cost of UFC 205 by $4 million dollars. According to rumors, McGregor wanted to fight for six or seven million, and Alvarez for one million, At this point, kHabib was sent two contracts and he signed them. Alvarez with McGregor then calmed down because nobody wanted to fight Khabib. As a result, Alvarez earned $500,000 and McGregor around $3.5 million.” He also said “kHabib was offered $100,000 compensation for the cancelled fight. He refused, and said: "Give me the opportunity to fight the best." On the same evening, he was offered a fight with Michael Johnson for the same fee.” So, in conclusion, khabib essentially fought Michael Johnson for free because the UFC offered him 100k as payment for his troubles without having to fight, but he chose to fight for the same amount of money. Now the reason why I dug up this article in the first place is to fortify a statement he made on TMZ sports a few hours ago and was asked how much the UFC would have to offer him to fight Conor. He said “ Zero. I don’t need money. I only need a real fight for the title. I don’t fight for the money I fight for my legacy, I fight for my people. 3 rounds? I’m tired of this, I need like 50 60 rounds I wanna fight all night.” He also reiterated that he wants both Conor and Tony Ferguson on the same night and is dead serious about it. Especially after reading that interview that his dad gave last year you almost have to believe everything that he says. In the last video I released I stated that Tony Ferguson is rightfully in line for the title shot since he did win the interim belt. However, we’re long past the Zuffa days of the UFC and WME-IMG seems to be putting on fights that make the most bucks. In this case that fight would probably be Khabib vs Conor. The only reason I say this is because we have quantitative evidence that Khabib just has more public interest outside of MMA by looking at the number of followers he has on Instagram in comparison to Tony. He’s currently sitting on 3.3 million followers as opposed to Tony’s 330 thousand. Khabib was averaging around 6 thousand daily followers but after his lob sided victory over Edson Barboza this past weekend he’s gone up over 200k followers in the last week. So it’s safe to say that this fight would be absolutely enormous. I think it could even rival the numbers we would see with Conor vs Diaz 3 as Diaz is sitting on 1.9 million followers. Since Khabib would be asking for only a fraction of what Tony and Diaz will ask for, we have to assume that this fight just became much more probable. However, Dana may ju

Source: TMZ

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