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10 Unnecessarily Horrifying Characters in Kid-Friendly Games

Kids games are meant to be fun and light-hearted, but sometimes, developer’s add some terrifying additions to games meant for kids.

This is The Gamer’s list of 10 DISTURBING Characters That Made Kids Games Creepy

What's the most terrifying boss you’ve come across in a children’s video game?
What other games should be on this list?

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Clearly, some games aren’t meant for children. Whether it’s nudity or violence, there are a lot of games on the market that parents want to steer their children away from. The above subjects aren’t appropriate for children for obvious reasons and there are a lot of video game franchises that include inappropriate subject matter. Fortunately, there are plenty of video game franchises that are specifically for children such as any of the Mario Brothers titles from Nintendo.

When playing a children’s video game, players can expect a lack of nudity, adult humor, and graphic violence. What these games lack in adult themes, they make up for in engaging gameplay and fun storylines that wouldn’t mentally scar a child for life. All in all, most kid-friendly games are appropriate for gamers of all ages. Simply because a game is meant for children, doesn’t mean that it can’t be played by older gamers. However, some children’s video games end up with some unexpected, terrifying elements in them. Whether the game developer’s intentionally created horrifying moments and characters in children’s games or if they underestimated the creepiness of said situations and characters is up for debate.

The last thing any child wants to come across in a kid-oriented video game is something that will give them nightmares. Whether leaving these elements in game was intentional or just a vast oversight, these characters terrified children since they were first discovered in these child-friendly games. Spoiler Alert: these child-friendly games include horrifying characters which might scar your children for life.


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