Project 240SX Le Drift Car - Ep. 9 | The Little Things

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Uploaded On 2014-10-12
Well even though this episode is pretty long for my standards, it's essentially a compilation of all the small overlooked details in the build that I couldn't quite place in the other episodes. After this episode will be the start of the drifting series!

Spoiler Alert:
Removed front lip, stripped/cleaned interior, removed some vinyl, replaced gas door mechanism, removed some stickers on the strut and c pillar braces, installed a different head unit, painted valve cover and installed new gasket, removed hood insulation, and got some missing/stripped bolts taken car of.

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Songs in order of when they get played in the video:
Crimson Fly - Huma Huma
Smart Riot - Huma Huma
Gypsy Dance - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
Dub Zap - Gunnar Olsen
Then Crimson Fly again towards the ending