Pokemon Sun and Moon: Kanto Ash Vs Misty (Kanto Battle)

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Uploaded On 2017-10-16
Pokemon Multiverse Episode 171: Kanto Ash Vs Misty (Kanto Battle)
Video Type: Pokémon Gameplay, pokemon fanmade battle, Pokemon Custom Battle, Pokemon Crossover, Inspired Death Battle

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Ash and misty (misty and ash, ash x misty, misty x ash) were companion along with brock back in their kanto journey, pokemon trainer ash ketchum (pokemon ash, ash pokemon) were pretty good back then, pokemon trainer misty (pokemon gym leader misty) currently are one of the pokemon gym leader in kanto (kanto gym leader), with the power of dark hero / professor ted, all parallel ash collide into space and time and therefore the create the event of ash misty battle, (misty ash battle!) kanto ash vs misty most powerful team, For more pokemon kanto ash vs (vs ash, vs ash ketchum, ash ketchum vs), pokemon misty vs (vs misty), ash vs misty, misty vs ash), please subscribe :)
Music Credit to Pokérus Project, please support him :)

Special Thanks to the Gdkchan, kwsch and many more who created amazing tools like, Ohana3ds, Garctool, etc...

Gameplay and Video
Clyde Wong and Cliston Lim

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Match Information:
Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum (From Pokemon Anime)
Ash Pikachu, Ash Snorlax, Ash Kingler, Ash Charizard, Ash Bulbasaur, Ash Muk

Pokemon Trainer Misty (From Pokemon anime, Pokemon kanto and pokemon johto)
Psyduck, Starmie, Corsola, Politoed, Goldeen, Mega Gyarados