GoT - Hand of the King Brooch - DIY

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Uploaded On 2017-08-20
Almost the end of season 7, time sure goes fast when you have fun :D But we can at least find peace in that it's not the last one :D

Thought I would make something inspired from the series, hope you like it! :D

Thing you'll need:

Referens pictures and maybe a template - Google :)
Aluminum wire
Thinner wire - that may be used with magnets
Plier - Flat/Nipper
Clay - Im using Super Sculpey (but you can use what you want and bake it according to instructions) :)
Sculpting tool
A silicon tool - round and flat (a shaped eraser should do fine as well) :)
Ruler and if you have one, a circle template
Something to make the ornate pattern, I’m using a plastic rod cut into right size, but maybe a straw should work? :)
Sandpaper/File - Fine grit
Brush to take away dust
The end of a ballpoint pen
Something round and small to make an indent, I’m using a Crochet Hook
Magnets - I’m using neodyne magnets
Super Glue
Red acrylic paint
Gold acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
Water for the black paint

05:06 The size for the plasticard is: 1x3 cm (or as wide as required, if the magnets are bigger/smaller) :)

Music: March to Victory - Silent Partner