Five (5ive) - Debut Album (Complete Full Album) - Slam Dunk Da Funk, When The Lights Go Out etc [HD]

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Uploaded On 2016-06-22
Here is Five's debut album, featuring the hit singles Slam Dunk Da Funk, When The Lights Go Out, Everybody Get Up, Got The Feelin' and Until The Time Is Through, I absolutely love Sean's voice and feel that he's incredibly underrated as a singer, however enjoy this album, the track listing is as follows :

Slam Dunk Da Funk
When The Lights Go Out
Everybody Get Up
Got The Feelin'
It's The Things You Do
Human (The Five Remix)
Until The Time Is Through
Partyline 555-On-Line
That's What You Told Me
It's All Over
Don't You Want It
Cold Sweat
Straight Up Funk
My Song
Switch (Hidden Track)

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