Charizard(リザードン) Vs Ninetales(キュウコン)!

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Uploaded On 2013-07-31
Here's a quick battle between two of my all time favorite Pokemon in form of Ninetales & Charizard, from the Japanese episode called "The Mystery of the Treasure Adventure on an Uninhabited Island!" I like to call this "The most important of all the less important Charizard battles".

Quick Summary of what's going on - Ash, Cilan, Iris and Alexa after hearing from the last one of them about a treasure left by a ship's captain who have passed out long time ago, decide to go look for it. His pokemon (Shiftry, Honchkrow, Nidoking, Mismagius and the most powerful one of his team - Ninetales) are trying to stop them from reaching it. After this final battle they solve the puzzle and finds it, it turns out it was a hell lot of an evolution stones, so a really sweet treasure if you asked me :P

I would also like to say "Big thanks" to a dude called Drowker, who gave this video to me. You really own, you now this.