Kylie Jenner Reportedly In LABOR?

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Uploaded On 2018-01-13
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Prepare for a baby announcement, word on the street is that Kylie Jenner is in LABOR. This episode is brought to you by TurboTax. Relax, there’s Turbo Tax.

It has been months of speculation of whether or not Kylie is pregnant. She’s been ghost on social media, she wasn’t in the family Christmas card and when she has been photographed in public, it’s only been in oversized clothes which is a clear deviation from her usual crop tops and bodycon dresses.

But now all of those speculations are looking pretty justifiable. News just broke that Kylie is allegedly currently in labor at Cedar Sinai Medial Center in Los Angeles. Now it could be coincidental, but you know who else is due any day now? Kim and Kanye’s surrogate. There are theories out there that Kylie is Kim’s surrogate but looks like we will know for sure very soon.

There is a screenshot of a snapchat photo circling that was allegedly posted by Travis Scott aka the baby daddy that shows the inside of a private plane with the caption saying QUOTE – “Make it home to ya one way or another.” If the snap is legit, why else would he post that other than a certain someone desperately needing him by her side? Employees of Cedar Sinai have also said that Kylie is indeed on the premises so it looks like this is happening you guys. Unless it’s just gas.

Naturally Twitter has been flooded with reactions and theories. Alex on-Air tweeted – “RUMOR ON THE STREET IS THAT KYLIE IS IN LABOR. If that is true, then maybe she IS Kim’s surrogate cause that baby is due any time now.” Another said – “kylie jenner is apparently in labor so there goes the rest of my workday.”

It’s all very exciting, but I want to know do you guys think Kylie is A). pregnant B). in labor and C). Kim’s surrogate? Lots to talk about so get to typin in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe.

Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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