Food Trends From 2017 No One Will Remember In 2018

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Uploaded On 2018-01-14
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The year 2017 certainly kept things interesting when it came to food. From sushi burgers to fancy lattes, Instagram had us double-tapping on countless innovative culinary creations. But for every good food trend in 2017, like turmeric [TER-mer-ick], there were a half dozen passing fads people have probably already forgotten - and for good reason. Here's a look at some food trends from 2017 nobody will remember in 2018…

Mega cocktails | 0:24
Activated charcoal foods | 0:52
Taco Pizza | 1:27
Avocado buns | 1:52
Wine-infused coffee | 2:17
Pickle-flavored foods | 2:38
Unicorn and Dragon Frappuccinos | 3:15
Mermaid desserts | 3:55
Will it waffle? | 4:17
Candy corn pizza | 4:43

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