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Anyways before we get into the Gelo news, we can officially confirm Lamelo’s return to high school basketball, and where he’ll be playing. It was announced that Lamelo will attend SPIRE Institute, a prep school in Geneva, Ohio. With Slam magazine posted an article breaking the news. Lamelo will join two elite recruits at spire, senior Rocket Watts, the #1 player from Ohio in the 2019 class, one of Michigan State's most prized commits. and junior Isaiah Jackson, who is ranked top-15 by ESPN in the class of 2020. I’ll for sure get round to posting videos about there teammates at some point also. But SPIRE is the polar opposite of chino hills prior to the ball bros arrival. They’re a renowned basketball program with a history of producing NCAA Division I players. Another notable player on the team is 7'7" high schooler from Romania, Robert Bobroczky, Who truthrfully doesn't have much of an impact but did go viral for being so young possibly the tallest basketball player in the world.The difference with SPIRE and Chino Hills is that most of the focus will be placed on athletics rather than academics, although the details of his enrollment are unclear. I can’t imagine LaVar controlling the coach behind the scenes like he did at Chino Hills, SPIRE are an established basketball program, with or without the balls. Another bit of information worth sharing, is that the team’s head coach Jermaine Jackson is a former NBA player and NCAA coach with connections to the Ball Family through the Lakers. As he trained Brandon Ingram, something that helped bring Melo to the programme.
Lamelo will still remain in the national spotlight and have the chance to face top high school competition with SPIRE. They play a nationally ranked schedule and he will make his debut on Nov 13 against La Lumiere School from Indiana. What’ll be interesting also is that SPIRE will face off against Oak Hill Academy in January. Which means we’ll get to see how Melo fairs matching up against Cole Anthony, the top guard recruit of their class. If Lamelo does what we know he’s capable of, that could shoot right back where he belongs at the top of the draft boards.
For those wondering how after playing proffesionally, he’s able to return to high school. Is because Lavar made sure he wasn’t compensated for his time in both the JBA and Lithuania. Maintaining high school and possibility collegiate eligibility. Brandon Williams the JBA reporter/insider who I spoke with earlier, talked with an NBA Draft evaluator about Lamelo’s draft stock. Saying the only reason as to why he’s not higher is because of a lack of familiarity scouts have with the talent he’s faced. Him playing in high school with and against the top players in the nation will answer those questions.

As for LiAngelo, he will also be withdrawing from the JBA USA team, and has notified G-League teams that he’ll enter the playerpool hoping to land a contract. LiAngelo recently went undrafted after working out with both the warriors and lakers, and has played with the JBA since. After the draft the G-League was always gonna be Gelo’s best bet to make it to the league. So it’s good that that’s where his focus has moved to, 2/3 years of pro basketball is better for him than what because of his own wrongdoings would’ve been a risky college career. Assuming he get’s picked up, LiAngelo will be able to make an income on the side. On American soil whilst in the NBA’s feeder league. Best case scenario for him is he makes enough an impression in the g-league, works his way up and earns an NBA opportunity. I’m not saying this drastically increases Gelo’s chances of making the league. But it is his best bet in ever doing so. I do believe LiAngelo enough to the point that he could hold his own in the G-league. Surely even worst case he could make a team as a backup shooter, would be worth from a box office standpoint as the G-League would actually have a poster boy. In all this news is game changing for the ball family, a change of scenery was probably what they needed. I can make another video soon discussing what this means for the JBA. The tour is set to continue, and funnily enough they’ll next be facing off against someone I played high school ball with next game in Leicester



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