A Week On The Wrist: Apple Watch Series 4

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Uploaded On 2018-09-19
Last week, Apple announced a new generation of Apple Watch and HODINKEE managing editor Stephen Pulvirent was among those fortunate enough to be loaned one for a review. He's spent the last six days wearing the Series 4, putting it through its paces.

He's been checking out all those new, supposedly life-changing features that were exuberantly spoken about during Apple's keynote presentation at the perfectly-appointed Steve Jobs Theater. He's been exploring the updated operating system, watchOS 5, to see how the Apple Watch is changing at the platform level. He's been thinking a lot about Apple's long-term vision for the Apple Watch and how it's starting to come into clearer focus. And, finally, he's been thinking about how the Apple Watch Series 4 stands up as a product on its own merits and whether or not I think you should open up your Macbook, launch Safari, and pre-order one right now.

Let's get into it.