Top 10 Real Life Giants You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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Uploaded On 2018-01-09
Giants may be legendary, mythological beings, but they aren't so far fetched. Real individuals exist of equally amazing size and strength. Get ready to be amazed by these Top 10 Real Life Giants.
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Be Amazed at these top 10 Real Life Giants that actually exist! André The Giant - Here's one of the most well-known giants in pop culture. Born in France, André The Giant became famous for being a wrestler in the 70s and 80s. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - "Game of Thrones" fans will recognize this guy. He plays Ser Gregor Clegane, nicknamed “The Mountain." A fitting nickname, for sure. Hong-Man Choi - Hong-Man Choi is a giant South Korean with many skills. First of all, he’s a Kickboxer and MMA fighter. Choi is seven-foot-two and weighs 331 pounds.

Olivier Richters - Olivier Richters has the unique distinction of being one of the tallest bodybuilders ever. He’s freakishly tall and incredibly strong. Yao Ming - Yao Ming is a retired basketball player. I guess being a basketball player is a pretty obvious profession if you're a giant. Yao Defen - Yao Defen is the only woman in this list. She actually held the Guinness World Record for being the tallest woman alive. Sultan Kösen - Sultan Kösen holds the title for the tallest man alive. Towering at over 8 foot, 4 inches, no one seems to even be close to his height. Denis Cyplenkov - Denis Cyplenkov is a 35-year-old Ukrainian bodybuilder and arm-wrestling champion. Sajad Gharibi - Sajad Gharibi is known on the internet as the Iranian Hulk or the Persian Hercules. It’s not hard to figure out why. Robert Wadlow - Robert Wadlow is the tallest man in recorded history. Born in Alton, Illinois in 1918, he was also known as “The Giant of Illinois” or “The Alton Giant.” Robert Wadlow reached the incredible height of 8 foot, 11 inches tall.