Movie Performances That Are Practically Flawless

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Uploaded On 2018-05-05
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When it comes to good movies, there's a lot that rides on the actors' performances. Some roles can't be played without a great actor at the wheel, and when an actor is at the height of his or her game, one unforgettable performance might be enough to nudge an okay movie up into an award-winning film. In the case of these films, these actors performances' were so strong that they're practically perfect...

Bringing the fury | 0:21
Making depression hilarious | 1:15
Burning it down | 2:33
Besting the braggadocio | 3:42
Humanizing the ape | 4:52
Matching the tempo | 6:10
Elevating the material | 7:12
Being a BAMF | 8:30
Channeling the insanity | 9:47

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