Range Rover Sport SVR - The Baap of Brraap! | First Drive Review| ZigWheels.com

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Uploaded On 2018-04-18
Range Rover Sport SVR on-road price : https://bit.ly/2qUSivs

Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations really puts sportiness into the Range Rover Sport. Turning a 2.3-tonne luxury bred-for-off-road SUV into a track tool was a tall order. Now for 2018, SVO is amping things up to an all new level. The mad hatters at Fen End, the new HQ for the SVO division, put their focus on performance and handling. So, is it fun or not? We spent some time with the Range Rover Sport on British B-roads and pounded a few laps on the test track to find out.

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