Whatever Happened To Rick From American Chopper?

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Uploaded On 2019-06-19
You probably recognize Rick Petko from American Chopper. He started working at Orange County Choppers as a fabricator and builder in July 2003, but he's not part of the operation anymore. So, what's Petko up to these days?

In 2012, Petko married Brittany Cockeram on an episode of American Chopper. Even though Senior and Junior were feuding at the time, they still came out for Petko's wedding.

Once Petko was married, his priorities began to shift. Petko and Cockeram welcomed their first daughter, Everly Rose, in October 2013. Judging by the countless adorable photos of Everly hanging out on motorcycles on Petko's Instagram profile, it's clear that he's loving fatherhood and encouraging his daughter to follow in his footsteps. Everly seems to be taking after her father and looking up to his example. According to Petko, this girl already understands the need for speed. Petko told Discovery Channel,

"If it's got wheels, she says, 'Go!'"

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