Cris Cyborg Hints Megan Anderson is Falsifying Marriage For Citizenship in Twitter Beef

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Uploaded On 2018-01-24
Cris Cyborg is embroiled in a twitter beef with Megan Anderson and hinted that she plans to get married to get citizenship. Cyborg also accepts a champion vs champion bout vs Amanda Nunes!
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Cris Cyborg jumped on twitter last night and accepted a fight vs Amanda Nunes after Nunes called her out on numerous news outlets. Cyborg said “I have agreed with my management to fight Amanda at ufc226 July 7th in Las Vegas during international fight week. I will let her finalize her side of the bout now.” Amanda’s only response was “My followers went up overnight.... Did I miss something” If their management comes to an agreement and makes this bout come true, the last woman standing would most likely be considered the greatest female fighter of all time.

Now I got some certified mma demon beef for you guys today.

Cyborg decided to take a shot at Megan Anderson last night and she started off by saying “Megan I was told by the UFC you would not be fighting anytime soon. Is that a lie?” Megan responded “Well since you're apparently fighting Nunes, when I return in a few months, I want a fight.” Cyborg then asked “Will you be ready to fight before July? I was told you were not going to be active by then.” Megan said “interesting Don’t know where that came from.” Cyborg then asked if she would be ready if Amanda doesn’t agree to fight in July. Some minutes elapsed and Megan didn’t respond. Then finally Megan seemed to be under the impression that she wasn’t speaking to cyborg at all and instead to her boyfriend Ray Elbe. So, she addressed him specifically and said “Ray Elbe This is twitter. The UFC has a HQ. I suggest you do business there and talk to them like my management are.”, cyborg then clarified for the people that she not Ray was posting on her twitter. Megan was skeptical and said “Well since you live together it’s easy to take a video.” Cyborg stated “I don’t think asking when you will be able to fight is unprofessional. My management has been told you’re not gonna be back by July. Is that false? Are you ready to fight by then?” Since Megan didn’t answer whether she could fight before July on 3 separate occasions things got personal real quick and caused new cyborg fans to turn against her. She said, “You want to talk business Megan? I didn’t come to the USA on a tourist visa to work illegally then have personal issues so I could marry and stay in America!! @uscis” She basically accused Megan of Falsifying a marriage in America and tagged The US Citizenship and Immigration Services twitter handle. Now, if this accusation is true, and if the government were to prove that Megan did falsify being married to an American citizen so she could illegally obtain citizinshep she could Serve up to 5 years in prison and pay a fine of up to $250,000. Cyborg then continued her critique on Megan by explaining how she legally obtained her citizenship and said “For people that don’t know I immigrated to the USA in 2008 without speaking English. In 2010 I got my green card and in 2016 I became a citizen. I followed all the rules even though I had to learn English and the legal steps on immigration.” Megan’s response was “You have no idea what you're talking about. Instead of trying to run my name through the mud again, about my personal issues that you know nothing about, but think you do, go talk to the UFC. This isn't the conduct of a champion. Shame on you Ray.” There were no further exchanges between the two after that last tweet. So Do you guys think cyborg took it too far? Or Is everyone over reacting? Let me know down below!

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