Opening the Cutest Pokemon Box Ever (Lillie and Cosmog)

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Uploaded On 2017-12-06
Absolutely the most adorable Special Pokemon Box I have ever opened. Coming straight to you from the Pokemon Center in Japan.

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About The Lillie and Cosmog Box:
The Lillie & Cosmog Special Box (Japanese: スペシャルBOX リーリエ&コスモッグ) was released on June 17, 2017 in Pokémon Centers alongside several other Cosmog merchandises. The box comes with 2 promotional prints of Lillie and Cosmog, a set of 64 card sleeves, a deck case, a coin, a card box for storage, three To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow booster packs, and three Darkness that Consumes Light booster packs.
Promotional cards:
Lillie (SM-P Promo 80)
Cosmog (SM-P Promo 81)
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