Actresses Who Got In Serious Shape For A Single Role

Nicki Swift
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Uploaded On 2018-01-28
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Action flicks are Hollywood's bread and butter, but it's not enough for these female heroines to be talented and beautiful — they also have to kick ass. From soldiers and spies to psychotic ballerinas, these women put in maximum hustle before the cameras ever started rolling...

Gal Gadot | 0:16
Scarlett Johansson | 1:02
Alison Brie | 1:36
Zoe Saldana | 2:12
Natalie Portman | 2:37
Daisy Ridley | 3:27
Sofia Boutella | 3:49
Maggie Q | 4:37
Taraji P. Henson | 5:13

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