"I'm Quitting The Team." Is Jaden Newman DONE With Basketball!? Julian Newman Opens Up On Struggles.

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Uploaded On 2019-05-04
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The 5th episode of HELLO NEWMANS is easily the MOST WILD. We got Jaden threatening to QUIT THE TEAM and Julian talking hella trash to his team in practice.

The Newmans have been super intense the past few weeks. The pressure is mounting on the kids as their dad/coach have been down their throats to perform better.

Jaden has a rough episode as she struggles to play for her dad. She hangs with her mom to try to get her mind right. Julian is having a big practice but when it comes to the games, he's STRUGGLING.

Can the Newmans pull it together and rise to the top?

Btw... next episode is JULIAN VS LAMELO. See you next Saturday at noon EST.

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