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Uploaded On 2018-05-18
Olden Polynice drops by to share stories about the time Kobe & Shaq fought in practice, Larry Bird's epic trash talk and why LeBron will lose to the Celtics. Finally, Broussard breaks down his top playoff performers and Jason McIntyre is back for another edition of Knockdown J.

0:00-5:41 - Top 5 Postseason Player Power Rankings
5:42-01:14:49 - Olden Polynice Interview
6:32-8:14 - What was it like growing up in Haiti?
10:42-12:33 - Did you have an interest in basketball as a kid?
13:54-15:09 - What have you been able to do in Haiti?
18:26-19:26 - How do you feel about the Pippen trade?
19:27-20:53 - What if you were traded to the Bulls?
22:29-24:04 - Who was better? Bird or Magic?
24:05-25:33 - Was Bird a big trash talker?
25:34-27:05 - Was Jordan a big trash talker?
27:06-28:10 - Who’s the GOAT?
28:11-28:28 - Did Shaq underachieve?
28:28-32:17 - Explain the fight between Kobe and Shaq?
33:33-37:19 - Would Len Bias have eclipsed Jordan?
39:05-39:54 - Where did you play your best individual season?
40:34-42:34 - Who was the best big man you played against?
42:33-43:26 - Do you feel your NBA career should’ve been better?
44:23-48:32 - What was Isiah Thomas like?
49:46-52:58 - What was it like flying commercial?
52:58-57:01 - What’s the worst gambling story you’ve heard?
58:50-01:00:07 - What was Dennis Rodman like?
01:02:05-01:03:18 - Who’s winning the Finals?
01:05:19- 01:06:05 - How do you feel about this generation of players?
01:06:06-01:07:12 - Do you prefer your era or this era of basketball?
01:07:13-01:08:02 - Were your era’s players better than today’s?
01:08:02-01:14:14 - Tell us about your police impersonation incident?
01:14:50-01:38:05 - Knockdown J
01:15:18-01:20:49 - Is the Cavs/Celtics series already over?
01:20:50-01:30:24 - Should the Celtics make any trades?
01:30:25-01:37:42 - Will losing this series hurt LeBron’s legacy? #FOXSports

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In the Zone' with Chris Broussard Podcast: Olden Polynice - Episode 57 | FS1

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