Mike Perry: Colby Covington Would Try To Suck My D; Volkan Oezdemir Has A Request For Conor Mcgregor

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Uploaded On 2017-12-14
Mike Perry is going in on Colby Covington hard! Volkan has a special request for conor hear what he has to say! Plus more MMA News as Always!
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Mike Perry Joined Split Decision MMA’s podcast yesterday and had some really interesting things to say about Colby Covington and Darren Till. For the Full Podcast episode check out the link in my description box below.
Perry: “The Colby Covington fight is a strong possibility somebodies gotta whoop his A** he’s out here just running rampant. He’s f**** crazy and somebody has to shut him the hell up. He thinks he’s the ultimate striker now cuz he got his face beat in by Damien maia who can’t punch his way out of a wet paperbag but right at the end of that 3rd round Colby Covington he was about to get finished. He’s another good wrestler his best attribute was to stop the takedown and was able, with his terrible boxing was able to land more shots than Damien maia, so , he came away with the win. But, Colby Covington would not stand with me for one second. He’d be on the ground putting his head down on my lap trying to suck my d*** the whole fight. I’m not trying to get laid on. I am a purple belt in jiu jitsu so I do have skills off my back but I’m not trying to get laid on. He wouldn’t even be able to take me down cut some angles on a wrestler and you should stop that takedown, but we’ll see what happens. Kamaru Usman wants to fight Colby Covington. So I say let Kamaru get Colby and the winner of that one gets the winner of me and Darren Till and now we’re talking.”

Volkan Oezdemir posted a video asking conor to train with him and Here’s what both men had to say.
Interviewer: First of all I have a message from Volkan Oezdemir. Volkan: Hey conor how are you it’s Volkan I hope everything is well with you. First of all I wanted to congratulate you on everything you accomplished so far it’s amazing nobody has ever done that before. They told me to ask you a few questions but I only have one request what do you think if next time I go to Switzerland and I stop by Dublin so we can share the mat together, share some knowledge about fighting because I love your philosophy about fighting. Conor: Is this the light heavyweight? Interviewer: Normally he would be fighting DC in December or January. Conor: He’s the lightheavyweight. He’s currently the number 1 contender right? Yeah that’s brilliant. Yeah of course he can come by and we can train no problem. That’s brilliant. Here you go.

Emil Meek announced that his fight vs Kamaru Usman has been rescheduled for January 20th in Boston. Hopefully Usman honors the contract this time around since their initial December 30th date was cancelled.

Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou has been made official for UFC 220 on January 20th They’ll be headlining while Daniel Cormier vs Volkan Oezdemir will be the co-main event

And finally Colby Covington could possibly be on the Ultimate fighter show alongside Tyron Woodley according to MMA Journalist Farah Hannoun. Would you guys tune in to watch the show, let me know down below!

Perry: Chilling with your boy Danny Roberts Hot chocolate I just wanted to say real fighters fight and we’re gonna F*** S*** up this weekend ya’ll already know tune in on fox this Saturday.

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