Connie Constance - Fast Cars

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Uploaded On 2018-10-26
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Sat in your fast car
One last time...
I could never be your señorita
You’ve got my birthstone around your neck..
You smell of sxx
You and I would make a great picture
But you like fast cars and movie stars
And I feel guilty when I have too much
You want fast cars and movie stars
I think your ripped jeans are cool enough.

I don’t smoke green
But bill it up
Get lost asf
Four more decades till we need to fear
(Need to fear)
If you were a rockstar I’d fall in love
Your wikis dead
And your no original creature
you won’t take a chance on battle scars
You want Coca Cola figures
You want fast cars and movie stars
And I wanna train in the deep end
(Deep end)

Superstars aren’t set in stone
I could never play a role
Sooner than you’ll ever know
I’ll be the one to take you home
Solar sounds on radio
You should know we’re not alone
There’s more to life than what we know
You should put down your new phone.