New York Toy Fair 2018 | DC Collectibles Reveals

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Uploaded On 2018-02-18
New York Toy Fair is finally here! That means we get a look at all the new products that will be dropping this year. Let's start with DC Collectibles.

Pre-order Links
Batman Black & White Statues by Gerard Way ►
DC Artists Alley Statues by Nooligan & Murase ►
Batman and Catwoman Deluxe Statue ►
Joker's Daughter Statue ►
Nurse Harley and Joker Action Figure 2-Pack ►
Killing Joker Statue ►
Red Hood Statue ►
Supergirl Statue ►
Designer Series Trinity Statue ►
Trinity by Jim Lee Set of 3 Statues ►
DC Essentials Black Manta and Brainiac ►
Joker Bust by Rick Baker ►
Harley Quinn Red, Black & White Statues ►
Watchmen Doomsday Clock 2-Pack Figures►

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