Apple Watch Basics: Getting Started - Basic Operations, Phone Calls, Messages and More!

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Uploaded On 2017-12-31
Once you have set up your Apple Watch with your iPhone, you would be wondering where to start. Here are some of the basic things to get started with your Apple Watch. All of these apply to #AppleWatchSeries3 and #AppleWatchSeries4

1. Basic Operations: Turn off | Turn on | Force restart
2. Watch Faces: Choose from the many different watch faces
3. Siri: Get things done
4. Control Center: Check your battery and other settings
5. Use apps: Browse the default apps
6. Phone calls: Receive calls
7. Phone calls: Silence the call
8. Phone calls: Double tap the crown to decline the call
9. Phone calls: Decline and send message
10. Phone calls: Put the call on hold
11. Phone calls: Adjust call volume
12. Phone calls: Access keypad
13. Phone calls: Use your iPhone
14. Phone calls: Voicemail options
15. Phone calls: Use Siri to make phone calls
16. Phone calls: Make phone calls using the Phone app
17. Message: Receive messages
18. Compose messages: Dictate | Emojis | Write your message | Send Digital Touch
19. Calendar: Access and view your calendar
20. Reminders: Manage reminders
21. Maps: Get directions
22. Activity app: Track your steps, calories and more
23. Workouts: Manage your workout sessions
24. Watch app: Manage your watch settings from your iPhone
25. Watch Orientation: Wrist and Digital Crown orientation

I am using the EloBeth Apple Watch Band which you can get it from Amazon:

Here is the link to the top tips and tricks video for the Apple Watch where you can go a step further and customize your Apple Watch to your likes:

If you have any suggestions for Apple Watch videos, let me know in the comments below.