7-Second Riddles
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Uploaded On 2019-06-25
Here is a huge portion of dangerous riddles that you have to solve to save someone's life! These puzzles will help you think differently! Sometimes we face situations when we have to think fast. In these cases, it's important to think outside the box and look at a task from a different angle. Solving riddles and quizzes is a great way to improve your intelligence and ability to make decisions fast.

00:14 - Test your detective skills and increase your intelligence with this mind-blowing crime riddle! Can you solve it and find the kidnapper?
01:28 - What was the weapon? A difficult brain teaser on crime that will increase your IQ and boost your brain speed!
02:34 - A brain-teasing difficult logic riddle that will make you think hard! Crack the code to escape!
03:54 - A dangerous criminal escaped from prison and sneaked into a large store. Can you find her? Test your logic and attentiveness!
04:34 - Who is a kidnapper? A brain-boosting riddle on crime that will improve your brain power and increase your IQ!
06:03 - Who is a kidnapper? Test your logical skills with this set of short visual puzzles! Try to answer before the time is up.
07:36 - Which door to choose? A mind-blowing riddle that will test your survival skills and ability to think fast! Can you solve it before the time is up?
08:48 - How to get the basement key? A logic puzzle to boost your brain speed and increase your logic!
10:19 - Test your logical skills and boost your imagination to the max with these visual puzzles! Guess who is a kidnapper!
12:00 - Test your attentiveness to the details with this simple visual puzzle! Guess who is planning to kidnap!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which of these tricky puzzles blew your mind!

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