If I Lived In My Dream House! Clotopia Tour

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Uploaded On 2019-03-29
Hey guys! This is "If I lived in my Dream House!" I have put so much time into making my dream world - Clotopia! Thank you guys for being patient with me and I'm so excited to be making content again!

In this video Cloe makes her big return to YouTube CloeCouture by posting another trending If I lived in a, I Move A Lot! Where Should I Live Next??? video mixed with the best HOUSE TOUR. In today’s dream house tour explore neon colorful LED lights, Bubble swing chair, pink CANDY kitchen similar to Barbie night routine, and a day in the life of barbie pink lady house, with SQUISHY doughnuts, Ice Cream stools for influencers, friends, and family to enjoy and have fun. CloeCouture play button on the wall with beach wall paper, white board, vanity for makeup tutorials, artists, wardrobe and office space! Cute remodel design stage with blue and purple paint, cute pebble rock pillows, marble rug carpet. Collection of princess and queen tiaras and crowns organized and displayed next to LED light.

Special thanks to -

@LexLee - Interior designer
Instagram - http://bit.ly/2U20PgJ

Smeg - 50’s Retro Style kitchen tools and appliances

@sopopomo - glitter artwork
Instagram - http://bit.ly/2HO15JJ

Nest Alarm system with touch screen Google Assistant built in for best protection.

Anton Conolly - @antonconnollyart
Instagram - http://bit.ly/2CII6vK

Where I got the pebble pillows!

Produced by:
Kalia Machado -@kaliaemachado

Filmed by:
Travis Larson - @travis.larson

Kalia Machado - @kaliaemachado

Construction Footage -

Edited by the amazing:
Susan @itsdreamcat

Thumbnail by Diego Hernandez

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Intro and End Card created by Susan

Thank you for watching my video and I hope you enjoyed! You guys make me so happy and I hope to do the same for you. Thank you for giving me the chance to do what I love everyday.
Love, Cloe Feldman

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