Bizarre Dry Ice Bubble Experiment - IN SUPER SLOW MOTION - 25,000 FPS HD | Slow Mo Lab

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Uploaded On 2014-08-12
In this episode, Taras and Dima create and unbelievable Dry Ice Bubble at 25,000 fps. It dances beautifully with the wind before it bursts to create an amazing waterfall of dry ice smoke. Slow motion video allows you to see how the bubble (soapy water) behaves under influence of dry ice. As it pops and looses it's tightness, it becomes wavy under pressure of dry ice "clouds". At the last slow mo video, we observed the soapy water pulling up as dry ice smoke pressure and the soapy water features over power the gravity. Enjoy!


*Amazing visuals are created at Slow Mo Lab using Phantom v2010

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"Dark Fog" Kevin MacLeod (
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