10 Minecraft World Records That You Never Knew About

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Uploaded On 2017-07-19
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There is so much that you can do in Minecraft. Some players chose to explore, others try to survive, and others use it to socialize. Then there is the crowd of die-hard Minecraft players looking to go to the extreme and set a ton of world records. With so many things to do in Minecraft, you may not know about some of the craziest records that players have been able to achieve. These records have recognized through official companies like Guinness World Records and through online outlets like Twitch TV.

Minecraft has used to create some amazing things, including massive works of art. One player holds the record for the biggest pixel art of all-time with giant creation of dragons and a goddess. Killing creatures can help you survive and some players took it to the extreme by becoming the fastest to kill zombie pigmen, sheep, and other characters. One of the basic designs that you can build in Minecraft is a staircase. But how big could you build one in just a single minute? The results are shocking. To help build a staircase, you may seek to collect the most wood in three minutes. That's a lot of trees. Building records also include a house-building effort in console and mobile games. A lot of Minecraft elements are based off the real world and it's pretty crazy that the WHOLE country of Denmark was built in a Minecraft world. Another world was also able to host thousands of players all on the same server.