All New Secret Mural Paintings In Kirby Star Allies - (Easter Eggs) Rick Kine Coo Marx Gooey + More

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Uploaded On 2018-04-04
All of Kirby Star Allies Mural Paintings are found at these levels:
0:00 Planet Popstar - Inside Islands
2:59 Kine
5:20 Rick
6:00 Coo

6:36 Jambastion - Section B
8:31 bandana waddle dee

8:45 Starlight Heroes - Extra Planet B
11:58 Marx

12:53 Jambastion - Eastern Wall
16:10 Gooey

16:45 Dream Land - Castle Dedede
17:18 King Dedede

17:51 Starlight Heroes - Gabbel Moon
19:28 Meta Knight

These are all of the new Secret Mural Paintings In Kirby Star Allies including the DLC characters.

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