Celebs Who Spent A Fortune Changing Their Looks

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Uploaded On 2017-11-29
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Celebs often spend ridiculous amounts of money to maintain their youthful looks. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can go towards personal trainers, dietitians, and cosmetics. But some celebs are also willing to go under the knife to fight the clock. Here are the stars who reportedly spent a fortune changing their looks...

Sharon Osbourne | 0:19
Demi Moore | 1:05
Rumer Willis | 1:26
Kim Kardashian | 1:45
Kris Jenner | 2:23
Caitlyn Jenner | 2:57
Mickey Rourke | 3:30
Cher | 4:03
Iggy Azalea | 4:34
Dolly Parton | 5:11

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