Sports Star Relationships With Uncomfortable Age Gaps

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Uploaded On 2018-05-13
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Professional athletes often have it easy when it comes to attracting beautiful women. With tons of fans watching them on the field or on the court, there's never a shortage of gorgeous fans interested in dating a star. Sometimes these women just so happen to be young…very young. Though many popular athletes were once married to women with whom they were close in age, some left those marriages behind to begin relationships with younger women who captured their hearts. Apparently, the massive age gaps just couldn't keep these older athletes and their young partners from falling more deeply in love. These athletes' relationships are proof that love knows no bounds. Here are some sports star relationships with uncomfortable age gaps...

Derek Jeter's 'old soul' mate | 0:38
Julius Erving's younger mistress | 1:26
Michael Jordan's 15-year gap | 2:07
Wladimir Klitschko's knockout lady | 2:35
Steve Nash's young lover | 3:20
Hines Ward's gameday gal | 3:57
Bjorn Borg's 'perfect life' | 4:38
Tiki Barber's bombshell intern | 5:30
Robert Kraft's new love | 6:19
Kurt Angle's Arby's amore | 7:12

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