Jabba The Hutt - A New Hope (1997 Special Edition)

Marcelo Zuniga
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Uploaded On 2015-04-16
The added in Jabba the Hutt scene from the 1997 VHS Special Edition. This scene was originally cut from the 1977 film because they didn't have the tech or budget to splice in a stop-motion creature, as it was originally planned.
This scene was again re-done in the 2004 DVD release. That edition is the most commonly found version today. Finding this clip was actually kinda difficult for me, as this seems to be so rare online. So, I feel it was definitely worth posting.
Taken from Harmy's Respecialized version of Star Wars: A New Hope, which I believe he sourced from the 1997 Laserdisk. He did an amazing job and you oughta thank him for this upload.