Is Dude Perfect Fake?

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Uploaded On 2016-12-06
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YouTube superstars Dude Perfect are a group of guys from Texas who have perfected the art of the trick shot, coming up with such ridiculous, difficult, insane shots, it's almost impossible to fathom they could be real. Of course that leads us to ask the obvious question: is it real? Or are the guys from Dude Perfect just really, really good with special effects? Here's a look at whether or not Dude Perfect might be fake...

In the beginning… | 0:26
Johnny Football, and the shot seen around the world | 1:04
Pros vs. Joes | 1:43
They're not alone | 2:15
Science is on their side | 3:14
Science strikes back | 4:03
The more dangerous, the more doubtful | 4:31
They're used to the scrutiny | 5:02
The final verdict | 5:55

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