Joe Budden Talks Being Mischaracterized, Using His Podcast to Critique Music + New album!

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Uploaded On 2016-11-04
Friend to the show Joe Budden dropped by The Angie Martinez show to talk about his new album, 'Rage & The Machine,' being mischaracterized + using his podcast as an outlet to critique music as a radio personality.

Joe and Angie touched on:
How he manages to score such FINE and curvy women "more and more women are shaped that way these days."
The new album 'Rage & The Machine' which many tell him is an amazing body of work.
His single 'Idol' in which he pays tribute to other successful rappers that came before him in the industry.
Wishing he weren't so "mischaracterized" so much. "I'm really out of the shenanigans"
The new podcast being an outlet in which he takes off his rapper hat off and speaks like a radio personality.
Being great friends with anyone he's ever had beef with such as: Lloyd Banks, The Game, 50 Cent + more.

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