Widow Of Fallen Cop Just Left Nike Speechless And Kaepernick Humiliated With One Photo

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Uploaded On 2018-09-08
Once considered a promising professional athlete with an NFL career ahead of him, former San Francisco Forty-Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose activism instead. Claiming he was standing up for racial injustice and inequality, Kaepernick chose to sit and then later kneel during the National Anthem.

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” reads the text scrawled across a black-and-white photograph of Kaepernick’s face with a minuscule “Just Do It” and Nike swoosh logo hovering over his stubbled chin. The implications are clear. Yet, Kaepernick will allegedly make significantly MORE money as a Nike spokesman than he ever would have made as a backup quarterback for a midmarket NFL team. The idea that Kaepernick “sacrificed everything” or anything at all is simply laughable. The man is no martyr.

Instead of being relegated to obscurity, Nike chose to renew Kaepernick’s contract making him the spokesman for the 30 year anniversary of their “Just Do It” campaign. America erupted in fury at the continued disrespect to America’s military, first responders, and the police continued unabated. The twist of irony completely missed by the social justice warriors, by Nike, and by Kaepernick himself is that while Kaepernick is kneeling for “injustice” and allowing his visage to be used as an advertisement, Nike continues to exploit children and women in sweatshops to make their products for pennies a day in third world countries according to a watchdog group.

Sherry Potter, the widow of fallen police officer Tim Graham, could not take it the hypocrisy and disrespect any longer. After Nike’s announcement this week, she took her outrage to social media, posting an open letter to Nike on Facebook that instantly humiliated Kaepernick and left Nike speechless in the process.

Potter has a deep and fundamental understanding of exactly what it means to sacrifice everything. In 2005 she was newly married with two young children when she received a knock on her door that would change her life forever. She answered the door to find a person on the other side of the door informing her that her that police officer husband had died in the line of duty. They had just celebrated their one-month wedding anniversary the day before.

With her open letter, she posted a picture of the worn old Nike hat she had donned on her runs for the last 13 years as she tried desperately to regain her sanity from the horrible heartwrenching grief.

In a now-viral post, Sherry writes –

Dear Nike,

I want to have a conversation about this hat. It’s over 13 years old. I don’t remember when I bought it exactly, I don’t remember where I bought it. But what I do remember is why I wore it.

On August 10, 2005, I was a newlywed with two young sons. My husband Tim and I had toasted our one month anniversary the night before, and I was enjoying a rare evening to myself, catching up on reading and relishing the quiet. Until there was a knock on my door. I had no way of knowing that the small act of turning a knob was about to shatter my life into a million pieces.

I sat numb and in sheer disbelief as I was told that my husband, while in a foot pursuit and subsequent struggle with a suspect that ended up in the road, had been struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle. He took his last breath lying in the middle of the street.

What I lost in that moment is indescribable. I had to watch his mother be dealt the most agonizing blow a parent can face, and I couldn’t comfort her because I was in my own hell. I had to find a way to gut my own children in the gentlest way possible, and tell them that this man they had come to love, who they looked up to, who cared for them as his own, would never walk through our door again.

I don’t know if you’ve ever attended a police funeral, but watching grown men who’ve seen the absolute worst things a civilian can imagine, break down and sob over the casket of their brother is an image that never leaves you. The bagpipes haunt my dreams to this day, but it was the faces of my children, the innocence that abandoned them at such a tender age that brought me to my knees.

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