Stars Whose Dark Secrets Were Exposed In 2017

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Uploaded On 2017-12-29
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There were a lot of stars who had filthy -- and sometimes criminal -- secrets exposed in 2017. After years of Hollywood brushing certain types of behaviors under the rug, the Me Too movement put a lot of former favorites on blast. Meanwhile, other celebs who'd somehow survived whispers about their unsavory behaviors were no longer tolerated either. Here are the stars whose secrets were exposed this year...

Charlie Heaton | 0:36
Johnny Depp | 1:11
Mel B | 1:57
Kevin Hart | 2:31
Harvey Weinstein | 3:08
Ben & Casey Affleck | 4:31
Kevin Spacey | 5:40
Louis C.K. | 6:29
Dustin Hoffman | 7:24
Matt Lauer | 8:05
Mario Batali | 8:39
Morgan Spurlock | 9:22

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