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Food is one of the absolute most rewarding things to travel for, and when I travel, I base most of my experiences and discoveries on local cuisine. I enjoy history and natural scenery, but If it wasn't for the food and how cuisine ties in with a culture, I wouldn't be nearly as excited to travel. So in this list I've gathered a few of my best food videos from where I've traveled. Included is an outstanding south Indian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, incredible mango kulfi in Delhi, India, plenty of tasty Thai street food, and many other mouthwatering feasts. Enjoy!

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We took a 16 day food trip to Pakistan. From spectacular mountain scenery to generous people, and delicious food, Pakistan was one of the most memorable trips of my life. In this Pakistan food and travel video series you'll discover Lahore, Gujranwala, Islamabad, Peshawar, Skardu, Gilgit, Hunza Valley, and finally Karachi. Get ready for the ultimate Pakistani food travel!

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Street food is one of the most exciting types of food your can anywhere around the world. You never know what you'll discover, both the delicious dishes, and the often amazing displays of cooking and skill, when you go on a street food tour. In this series of street food tour videos, I'm taking you with me on the streets to experience the sights, sounds, and delicious flavors of street food.

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One of my favorite places to learn about local food is with a local family in their home or village. There's nothing better when you travel for food to a destination, and are able to have the privilege of watching someone cook, and then eating a meal with a local family.

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I don't eat high end food very often, but occasionally when I have a chance. Here's a list of videos where you'll discover some high-end, incredible delicious, and once in a lifetime meals.

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Get ready to watch some of the most unique, unseen, and sometimes huge food that I've ever come across. Eating and learning about food is so much fun, and discovering a gem, that's lesser known, is always a joy!

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Thailand is one of the best destinations in the world for food, and you won't find any shortage of Thai street food throughout the country. I spend most of my time in Bangkok, exploring the vast amount of Thai street food stall and sampling all sorts of delicious dishes. From boat noodles to plates of pad kra pao (Thai stir fried holy basil with choice of meat), join me as I travel around Thailand and eat some of the most delicious Thai street food!