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Matt and Rebecca have a lot of fun making YouTube videos. We like doing challenges, competitions, DIY, and battles to compete against each other especially when we work together against the Game Master or other Ninja Spies.

The Game Master | Matt and Rebecca Play all

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo buy a new cabin an quickly find a tunnel underneath that leads to clues and adventure through a mystery treasure hunt. The Game Master hides notes in boxes when they let you decide on instagram what they do next. Then her husband finds an abandoned safe buried in their backyard by using a metal detector. Later they try to use spy gadgets to rip it open but end up dropping it over 45 ft. high but it doesn't work. They use a blacklight to uncover a hidden message. Later Rebeca goes missing as they explore an old zoo which is the same as Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint. Later they find missing keys by the giant pond and are trapped overnight for 24 hours in their brand new car. What will happen next? You will have to wait to find out.

Challenges | Matt and Rebecca Play all

Collection of Matt and Rebecca's best and funniest challenges, like the mystery box challenges, abandoned safe, iPhone challenges, and more.