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Every time you open a fresh deck of Bicycle you are handling more than 120 years of playing card expertise. Each deck is crafted using custom paper and coatings so consumers can trust Bicycle performance hand after hand. The #1 brand in awareness and quality perception and the easiest to shuffleand deal makes this a magicians and card collector's favourite.

Ellusionist Playing Cards Reviews Play all

In their own words.. "Ellusionist was founded on January 1st, 2001 by Brad Christian. His goal was simple-- to create the best online training environment for people who want to learn high-impact, effective magic tricks. Ellusionist's growth has been unprecedented". The range of playing cards designed and comissioned by Ellusionist is simply stunning, and each deck of playing cards has a unique feel to it unrivalled by other playing card design companies.

TheBlueCrown and HOPC Playing Card Reviews Play all

The Blue Crown was launched in 2011. Founded by Alex Pandrea, his goal was to create a magic company unlike any other. Famous for the crown deck playing cards, The Blue Crown goes from strenght to strength. House Of Playing Cards (HOPC) is the production company by which they commision and produce custom decks together with the USPCC for independant companies and

Dan & Dave Playing Card Reviews Play all

An interactive lifestyle hub for magicians offering instructional media and accessories. Learning magic and cardistry has never been so intuitive and fun. Famous worldwide for their Smoke & Mirrors playing card range, the 'Buck twins' Dan and Dave Buck produce and design superior quality playing cards.

Magic Makers Inc Playing Card Reviews Play all

Magic Makers Inc are responsible for bringing you some of the world's most popular custom Bicycle decks, such as the Black Scorpion, Black Spider & Skull deck.