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Treasure Hunt Search For The Bandits Cash! Play all

We were entrusted by That YouTub3 Family to help them decode their Treasure Map! Then the bandits showed up and chased them off! We took the map they dropped home and have been dealing with running and hiding from them and other adventures together as a family ever since!

REAL Treasure Hunts! Play all

We had such a fun time doing the most epic treasure hunt ever in our house! It was amazing and we were shocked to find a treasure chest full of money at the end! For fun, we decided to give all the money away buying peoples gas and groceries! It was a little awkward but we had so much fun! What we found hidden below the treasure chest might be a clue to more treasure in the future...

Escape Rooms Play all

We have loved doing treasure hunts and finding treasure! But sometimes it can be hard to solve them! While we're working on figuring out our next big treasure hunt clue for you guys, we decided to start doing Escape Rooms to help hone our skills at solving clues and puzzles! Check it out! I hope you love them!

Heroes Of The Fourth Dimension Treasure Hunt! Play all

We found a really strange letter in our PO Box and it was telling us to prepare for a 10 day trip to "Restore Treasure Family"! It was signed by the Heroes of the Fourth Dimension! Who are the Heroes of the Fourth Dimension? What can we do to restore Treasure Family? What adventures await this family on their Trip Treasure Hunt? Find out in this adorable mini-series featuring your favorite treasure hunting family The Beach House!

YEAR 1 2015 Play all

Welcome to The Beach House Season 1, The First Year! Daily vlogging is not an easy feat. We went into this with a goal to not miss one day! I am so pleased and proud to announce that we vlogged every single day of 2015! A happy Mormon family sharing our love for each other and our memories with the world! Lets make 2016 even better!