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Life's First-Evers with Jeannie Play all

Ten years ago, Ellen made Jeannie’s dreams come true by offering Jeannie her first-ever job, right here at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Now, Jeannie is paying it forward. She’ll be helping some very special Ellen fans experience some incredible things for the first time, with the help of Ford and the First-Ever EcoSport.

'Do Good Daniels' with The Daniels Family Play all

When Christi and Robert Daniels submitted to be elves for 12 Days, they never imagined they’d have their very own series! After Ellen and Cheerios heard about all the good The Daniels Family was doing in their community, they gifted them with $500K to keep paying it forward. "Do Good Daniels" follows the family of six as they pay it forward to deserving people, reminding us all that good goes 'round!

Your Best Moments Play all

If you’re a fan of the show, you know Ellen LOVES to see your videos and photos! Check out some of the cutest videos fans have uploaded to ellentube. If you have a fun video you want to share, upload it to the ellentube app today!