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any day with Casey is automatically a Best Day Ever these are some of my favorites!!

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Some of my favorite people to do horrible good ideas with... Always a good video when we get together, check their page to see us destroy stuff in style: https://www.youtube.com/whatsinside


just some good old fashioned awesomeness that has taken place *HIGHFIVES*

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Experience all of our crazy moments exactly the way i see them... IN 360!! That means Traveling, VIP Concerts, Collabs, Meetups, really just any incredible experience that i want to share with you!! What should we experience next? E3? Vidcon? Let me know! **360 vids can playback in higher quality if you click the 3 dots in the corner of the screen while watching and change the playback quality.. they can also be viewed in headsets like the GearVR.. you can also look around by dragging on the video screen with your finger or mouse... These videos were all recorded using the Samsung Gear360... ENJOY!!!