The Game Master | Rebecca Zamolo Play all

Rebecca Zamolo finds a secret hidden tunnel in her new house and finds clues and a mystery box from the Game Master when she explores inside. The messages lead her on a a 24 hour challenge and adventure with her husband Matt exploring abandoned caves using Chad Wild Clay spy gadgets. The hacker that trapped Vy Quaint in the abandoned school bus deleted one of Rebecca's You Tube videos when she failed a task. Stephen Sharer also received a surprise package from the GM. Will Rebecca and Matt discover who the Game Master is?

24 Hour Challenges | Rebecca Zamolo Play all

Rebecca attempts the 24 hour challenge in different locations including her house and car. For a fun summer video Rebecca spent 24 hours in the water of her pool outside and woke up at 3am while staying overnight. She had so much fun with the bounce house in her living room like Cole and Sav with Everleigh. Her 24hr challenge eating only tiny food like Cloe Couture was hilarious and a diy baking fail.

Gymnastics | Rebecca Zamolo Play all

Rebecca does fun gymnastics challenges with gymnasts including Annie Leblanc, Shawn Johnson and jojo siwa. She attempts coaching Cole and Sav along with Everleigh while teaching them tricks and tumbling. She tries hilarious yoga poses with the Rybka Twins and Sofie Dossi.

SLIME VIDEOS! | Rebecca Zamolo Play all

Rebecca makes all types of DIY slime including fluffy slime, butter slime, and cloud slime. Rebecca follows a Karina Garcia tutorial to make giant cloud slime and giant jelly cube slime. She also does PO Box opening of fan slime to combine into a slime smoothie. Rebecca Zamolo creates hilarious slime challenges where you learn how to make slime blindfolded, the stretchiest slime in the world, and slime at 3am. and Tik Tok Videos | Rebecca Zamolo Play all

Rebecca recreates cringy and hilarious musical.lys (now tik tok) from twins Lisa and Lena with her husband Matt. Matt and Rebecca love recreating dance choreography and comedy sketches. She learns transitions with Kristen Hancher and jojo siwa, while doing a fun challenge with sisters Annie Leblanc and Hayley Leblanc. Rebecca reacts to her old musical.lys and recreates Jake Paul videos with Mini Jake Paul.

Pranks | Rebecca Zamolo Play all

Rebecca likes pranking her husband Matt and friends. She pranks Annie Leblanc, Bratayley, and Karina Garcia which is hilarious and pure entertainment. It's funny to watch her transform Matt's hair into DIY unicorn hair like the Cole and Sav prank on Everleigh. Lucas and Marcus have also tried this hilarious prank on their girlfriend using shampoo.